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Kompost 3 (AUT)

Martin Eberle – trumpet, slide-trumpet, fluegelhorn
Benny Omerzell – rhodes,  hammond, red instruments, piano
Manu Mayr – electric & doublebass
Lukas König – drums, percussions, synthesizers

Founded in 2009, Kompost 3 calls Vienna’s third district its home, a residential area for workers interspersed with masterpieces of aristocratic architecture. The days of 18th century imperialism are long gone, and the dreary reality of working life has settled into the third district. Detecting 21st century signs of muck and rot, the band takes its energy from this wholly Viennese air of decay to create music that is fresh and invigorating, much like a compost pile produces fertilizer – hence the name, Kompost 3.  
Since its founding, Kompost 3 has become one of the most exciting young bands on the Austrian jazz and improvised music scene. They’ve spent three years of touring throughout Europe and North and Central America, adding electroacoustic soundscapes to their repertoire of original compositions while never losing sight of their roots as a virtuoso instrumental groove band.
Two albums and a remix record on their house label, “Laub Records” have led to critical acclaim as well as a pair of recent awards, all of which has helped boost the four Viennese musicians onto the international stage, including a previous appearance at Bohemia JazzFest in 2013.  This year, Kompost 3 will be performing songs from their third studio album, “Ballads for Melancholy Robots.”