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Where and when on BJF? ?

Domažlice - 30. 7. 2020 - 20:00

About artist

Antonín Gondolán is a Romani musician, double bass player, composer and singer, a member of the well-known musical family of the Gondolán brothers. He also serves as a member of the Council of the Government of the Czech Republic for Roma Community Affairs.

Already during his studies at the conservatory, he began playing professionally with leading music ensembles of popular music - the Gustav Brom Orchestra and the Ladislav Štaidl Orchestra.

After a trip with Karel Gott to Las Vegas in 1967, he and his sister and three brothers formed the popular and successful band Siblings of the Gondolas, who toured around the world. Over time, however, the siblings broke up and Antonín continued his career as a professional musician in various ensembles and in various countries.

After returning to the Czech Republic, he devoted himself to music and in the spring of 2004 released his first album called Wait and Don't Cry. The album contains twelve songs by Antonín and František Gondolán, and was recorded by violinist Marek Balogh, guitarist and dulcimer player Marek Pilo, and guest pianist Jiří Nedoma.

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