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Where and when on BJF? ?

Prague - 27. 7. 2020 - 21:00

About artist

Miroslav Vitouš is a jazz double bass player and bass player.

He started playing the violin at the age of six, the piano at ten, and when he was fourteen, he began playing the double bass. One of his first groups was called the Junior Trio. His brother Alan played the drums with him and another well-known Czech musician Jan Hammer played the keyboards. He studied music at the Prague Conservatory. In the meantime, he won an international music competition in Vienna and secured a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

He is a virtuoso double bass and bass player. He is one of the best double bass players in the world, along with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Brian Bromberg, Christian McBride, Scott LaFar and Dave Holland. A brilliant example of his work and his playing the double bass can be found on the album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (1968), on which Chick Corea and Roy Haynes participated. This album shows their strong rhythmic sense, ingenious musical feeling and absolute certainty of the play. The song My One and Only Love, which comes from this album, is one of the jazz standards and the album itself won the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1999.

As a founding member of the jazz fusion group Weather Report, he has collaborated with musicians such as Jan Hammer, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Michel Petrucciani
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