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Where and when on BJF? ?

Pilsen - 28. 7. 2020 - 20:20
Prague - Č.B. - 31. 7. 2020 - 20:10

About artist

Jiří Stivín is a Czech jazz musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer.
He studied camera at FAMU, but after graduation he devoted himself exclusively to music. His musical expression is characterized by unfetteredness, improvisation and frequent switching between individual musical styles. He performed in the rock band Sputnice, he was a member of the drama ensemble of the Musical Theater in Karlín. However, his main field is jazz. He founded the Jazz Q ensemble in the 1960s. During his one-year stay in London, he studied at the Royal Academy of Music.
After returning to Czechoslovakia, he founded the ensemble Stivín & Co. Jazz System. Between 1967 and 1969 he was a member of the ensemble of the Jára Cimrman Theater. [1] In the years 1970–1973 he performed as a member, soloist and finally the conductor of the drama orchestra of the National Theater in Prague. He later formed the System Tandem group with Rudolf Dašek, which met with great success both among experts and the public at many leading European jazz festivals. In the eighties, he worked mainly as a soloist participating in many of his own and foreign music projects. His double album Výlety was ranked among the most remarkable European jazz projects of the year in 1981. Since the 1980s, especially with the Collegium Quodlibet ensemble, he has been heavily engaged in classical music, specializing in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

From the mid-1980s, he also taught at the Prague Conservatory, where he taught recorder. On October 28, 2007, the President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, awarded him the State Award for Merit for the State in the Field of Culture and Art.
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